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Remi Silva, broker at TRUVALOR Realty is a designated REALTOR® well known for persistently protecting his clients’ interests and savvy negotiations as well as for his uncompromising integrity, which is the hallmark of Remi’s Real Estate services.

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Get Pre-Qualify

It is recommended that buyers get “Pre-Approved” prior to starting the home search process. It will give you a better view of how much you can realistically afford. Even though the pre-approval is not a final loan commitment from the lender, your pre-approval letter is very important in order to demonstrate your financial strength and shows that you have the ability to proceed with a purchase.

Creating Your MOST have List

This step is an essential one. As your REALTOR I need to know what the most important thing to you. It might be location, size, numbers of bedroom or type of home.  The goal here is search for a home that goes along with your assessed wants and needs, both for the short and long terms.

Search and Visit Properties

With you criteria in mind, I will pre-select few houses and send to you. Now we can narrow down the selection and schedule a showing on those that you choose. The part of job is fun and exciting.  As we start view properties we can adjust our search as needed, until we find a house that you want to move forward and make an offer.

Making An Offer

Once you find a home that meets your criteria as well as budget than you now can make an offer. Now, to determine your initial offer let’s do market analysis based on comparable home value in the neighborhood. It is okay to start with a lower number that come up on the analyses, but be careful in not kill the deal by offending the seller with a too low offer. Keep in mind that a home is an investment for you and your family future.

Due Diligence

Congratulation your offer or counter offer has been approved.  Now time is the essence. There if few steps that I will guide you through that need to done to insure that the property has no pitfalls. This includes and is not limited to doing a full home inspection with a licensed home inspector, obtaining a title inspection and title insurance, acquiring homeowner’s insurance policy, and any other diligence items like surveys, soil tests, structural inspections etc.

The Closing date

By this time your lender is already have approved your loan and you are about to get keys of your new home. It is very exciting, is it not?  Remember to keep you finances under control because your lender probably will double check the home’s value and legal statue, and your continued credit-worthiness

Moving to your dream house

Now it the time that you have been waiting for. Let’s packing, setting up movers, setting up utilities, and enrolling the kids in schools and move to the new home. Don’t worry because I am still here to help you.

Refer me to you family and friends

I am proud for representing you on this transaction. You know that your best interest had been taking to the heart. Now, I want to ask you a very important favor. Please tell your friend and family about the great experience that you had by work with me.  I will honor your words. Thank you!

First Home or Vacation

The time to buy is now.

Here are four great reasons to consider buying a home today instead of waiting.

Prices Will Continue to Rise

The Home Price Expectation Survey polls a distinguished panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market analysts. Their most recent report projects appreciation in home values over the next five years to be between 11.8% (most pessimistic) and 26.7% (most optimistic).

Mortgage Interest Rates Are Projected to Increase

Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that interest rates for a 30-year mortgage have started to inch up, most experts predict that they will begin to rise even more over the next 12 months. An increase in rates will impact YOUR monthly mortgage payment. Your housing expense will be more a year from now if a mortgage is necessary to purchase your next home.

Either Way You are Paying a Mortgage

As a paper from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University explains: “Households must consume housing whether they own or rent. Not even accounting for more favorable tax treatment of owning, homeowners pay debt service to pay down their own principal while households that rent pay down the principal of a landlord plus a rate of return.”

It’s Time to Move On with Your Life

The ‘cost’ of a home is determined by two major components: the price of the home and the current mortgage rate. It appears that both are on the rise. If the right thing for you and your family is to purchase a home this year, buying sooner rather than later could lead to substantial savings.

if you still not convinced, read this


Eric Belsky is Managing Director of the Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University. He authored a paper on homeownership – The Dream Lives On: the Future of Homeownership in America. In his paper, Belsky reveals five financial reasons people should consider buying a home. Here are the five reasons, each followed by an excerpt from the study:

Housing is typically the one leveraged investment available.

“Few households are interested in borrowing money to buy stocks and bonds and few lenders are willing to lend them the money. As a result, homeownership allows households to amplify any appreciation on the value of their homes by a leverage factor. Even a hefty 20 percent down payment results in a leverage factor of five so that every percentage point rise in the value of the home is a 5 percent return on their equity. With many buyers putting 10 percent or less down, their leverage factor is 10 or more.”

There are substantial tax benefits to owning.

“Homeowners are able to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes from income…On top of all this, capital gains up to $250,000 are excluded from income for single filers and up to $500,000 for married couples if they sell their homes for a gain.”

Owning is usually a form of “forced savings”

“Since many people have trouble saving and have to make a housing payment one way or the other, owning a home can overcome people’s tendency to defer savings to another day.”

You’re paying for housing whether you own or rent.

“Homeowners pay debt service to pay down their own principal while households that rent pay down the principal of a landlord.”

Owning is a hedge against inflation.

“Housing costs and rents have tended over most time periods to go up at or higher than the rate of inflation, making owning an attractive proposition.”


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